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VIDEO 3: Time and Love

Hey ya'll!

Today I talk about what no one wants to talk about on the internet: my latest love life fail.

As I state in the video, I have nothing but respect for "Drew". He was incredibly kind to me through the entire thing, and continues to be someone I look up to. Making this video is not an attempt to get revenge on him or make him look like a bad person--because he's not a bad person. This video is solely for you, to help make sure your next relationship is magical the entire time.

As we learn about my breakup, we examine how time affects our actions, thoughts, and security in a relationship. Making these last three videos has been extremely helpful in silencing my anxiety as I work through my emotions from the breakup, and I hope that learning to process time has the same positive impact on you.

Thank you for your continued support in this project. I can't believe we're almost 4 months in, and I'm so excited to keep creating content for this blog in the coming months. Ya'll make me happy! :)

Thanks for watching, and have an A+ Day!

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