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VIDEO 1: Time & Anxiety

Hey ya'll! Time for the first video of month 3!

As we mentioned last week, this month is all about time--how we manage it, use it, and abuse it. This week, we are focusing on how time affects anxiety.

As a person with anxiety disorder, I am constantly looking for ways to manage and maintain my overactive mind. Over the last few weeks, I have been losing that battle. School stress, job pressure, and relationshit have piled up, and have made me more anxious than I've been in months. As I've been trying to reel myself in, I've realized that time is one of the biggest factors in how well I manage my symptoms--specifically, the more time that passes between the moment I encounter uncertainty and the moment I get my answer, the more anxious I become.

How do we learn to be patient and trusting in times of uncertainty? How do we deal with ruminating thoughts and the negative symptoms of anxiety? And how can we help teenagers live healthy lives even when the future is unclear? We tackle all of these questions in this week's video.

Spring is finally here, and that means happy days are here again--literally. Goodbye seasonal depression! Good riddance! I hope each of you are embracing the D...vitamin D, that is ;)

Have an A+ Day,


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