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VIDEO 3: Happy Endings & Mental Illness

Hey fam! Welcome to Week 3 of Imperfection, in which we talk about the myth of happy endings. While I do believe it's possible to have beautiful, perfect moments, I don't believe in happily ever afters. For people dealing with mental illness, happiness is a state of being, and it's rarely permanent. This video explains how teens and teachers can help each other understand that mental disorders cannot be fixed with a band-aid.

My TEDx Talk explains my experiences with mental illness in depth. Listen to the talk here.

I'm currently on spring break, half exuberant to be with family in a beautiful place, half anxious to go back to school where most of my problems are. It's a twisty, turny time for me, and I appreciate you all being here to explore that path with me. Let's pray it straightens a bit very soon!

Have an A+ Day,


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