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VIDEO 1: The Truth Will Set You Free


I am so sorry for not posting last week! I should make no excuses, but it was finals week and I was moving into my first apartment (!!!!), so I had very little time to write or film anything. But I am back and super excited to dive into Honesty!

This week, we examine how honesty is a much more personal experience than most people realize. We lie to ourselves when we start making excuses for other people's behavior; by making other people feel comfortable, we deprive ourselves of managing our own needs and happiness. Although we might avoid having a difficult conversation, when we avoid vulnerability, we never leave our comfort zones, and thus, never make any progress. This can lead towards resentment towards people we love, and anxiety over our own inability to tell the truth.

How can we overcome this cycle of accommodation, avoidance, and disappointment? The resounding answer today and all month long is HONESTY! HONESTY! HONESTY! But sometimes, telling the truth so unapologetically can be easier said than done. Today we learn some ways to make truth telling a less scary process, and how to actually get what we want when we ask for it.

I am so pumped for this month--honesty is one of my favorite topics to talk about, and I'm so happy to share what I know with all of you. Thanks for reading and watching!

Have an A+ Day,


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