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Teenagers are amazing.


Adolescence is perhaps the most important periods of life; we feel things more deeply, we form opinions, create relationships, and make decisions that can shape our values, ideas, beliefs, and lives. This is why developing humans are some of the most interesting people on earth. They’re constantly learning, they’re raw and honest, and have only one desire—to love and be loved.

But while teenagers are amazing, they are also completely, ridiculously, stupidly misunderstood. If teens are loud and real, adults are neat and mild-mannered. This difference in dispositions can sometimes cause friction among the two groups. Although both teens and adults bring a lot to the table, they sit on opposite sides. This can be harmful, because teens need caring, open-minded adults to help them through life’s twists and turns and to become strong, mentally healthy individuals.


Enter A+ Life.

A+ Life is a resource toolkit that teaches teens and teachers how to live a life that feels like an A+. Through a series of blog posts, YouTube videos, and more, we offer life advice for teenagers and insight into the adolescent mind for adults, crossing topics like mental health, leadership, and personal growth. The goal is to bridge the generational gap between teens and adults with resources created by someone who is directly between the two parties—a 20 year-old college student and entrepreneur, Amanda Springob. Amanda administers all A+ Life content and also works as a motivational youth speaker to high school students. Read more about her work below.



At A+ Life, each month will focus on a specific theme, which will be announced via blog post on the A+ Life blog on the first Wednesday of each month. On the Wednesdays, weekly videos will be released at 10 AM sharp, and will focus on a topic related to the theme of the month. These videos will be ten minutes or less in length and offer life lessons to teens and teachers to use in the classroom and the home.  Other resources, including TED Talks, books, and websites will be referenced in videos and/or posted in sporadic blog posts throughout the month. We recommend using these resources to create meaningful dialogue and relationships between millennials and older generations, along with combating the stigmas surrounding teenage mental health.


 Amanda Springob is a 20 year-old motivational speaker. During her high school years, Amanda lived a double life; although she was a successful and popular student, it wasn’t until she conquered her internal conflicts with depression and anxiety that she found the secret to living in this awkward, confusing, beautiful world. Now, she offers powerful insight to teens and teachers, showing youth how to lead empowering lives, and giving educators a glimpse into the mind of a millennial. Her approachable and youthful personality allows teens to directly relate to her story. Amanda speaks to the generation she grew up in; she knows their thoughts, worries, needs, and dreams in ways that most adults struggle to understand.


Since 2014, Amanda has spoken to thousands of junior high, high school, and college students at various educational conferences, school assemblies, and TEDx UW-Milwaukee. By sharing her personal experiences with depression, toxic romantic relationships, and insecurities, Amanda teaches teens that anything is possible through honesty, self-acceptance, and kindness. Amanda is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she studies Communication.

You can find out more about Amanda's speaking services by visiting her personal website.

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