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VIDEO 1: Beautifully Imperfect

Welcome to month 2 of A+ Life! As we talked about last week, this month we're focusing on Imperfection, and today we'll be starting with talking about physical imperfections.

I have always been insecure about the way that I look. Learning to do my makeup has taught me that I have control over my insecurities--and that even though we should confront our fears, self-esteem is a process. It's okay to need assistance.

But today, I'm doing something I've never done before, as a way to confront my insecurities. Watch as I face my fear of being fresh-faced on camera and get some advice for how to combat insecurities and learning to love our imperfect selves. I'm so nervous/excited/terrified/happy about this video! Don't judge me, don't ask if I'm ill, and enjoy! :)

Have an A+ Day,


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