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VIDEO 3: Forming Healthy Friendships

Welcome back! For the final chapter of our Relationship series, we're discussing how to form and maintain healthy friendships. For teens, finding great friends can be very challenging, especially when they're experiencing insecurities while simultaneously trying to impress people. This video shares my experiences with that dynamic, as well as how I rebuilt my reputation after being a Grade-A frenemy.

For adults, being aware of who our teens hang out with is important to ensure that they're surrounding themselves with supportive people. In this video, we bring up a great movie to show teens to show them how those we surround ourselves with influence our thoughts, ideas, morals, and entire lives.

Next week, there will be no video--but don't fret, I will be posting a blog that holds all the nitty gritty details for the month of March--including the theme for next month's videos! I'll also be posting on Friday this week with some additional resources about relationships--stay tuned for TED Talks, books, workshop opportunities, and more!

Enjoy this week's video! Thank you for starting this journey with me. One month down! :)

Have an A+ Day,


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