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VIDEO 2: Dealing With Failure

Welcome to week 2 of Imperfection! This week we're tackling a subject that everyone hates--failure.

Failure is the most discomforting, distress-causing, nausea-inducing experience there is. We avoid it, stress about it, and then fall into it inevitably, and then we sink lower than ever. When we run from failure, we stay comfortable. But when we open ourselves to risk and loss, we learn, grow, and become stronger through facing our fears.

So I ask you, are you comfortably numb, or being proudly and boldly weak? Are you doing what you want to do, even with the fear of imperfection, loss, and failure at hand? Are you staying small, or allowing yourself to grow through discomfort?

This week we examine the stigma surrounding failure and how to help teens embrace mistakes. This way, they can live in this twisty, turny, uncomfortable world--and still turn out okay.

Thank you for watching, and have an A+ Day!

(^Lol for dramatic thumbnails)


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