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Amanda believes that every teen has the  power to live an A+ life. Help your teen start a new journey by booking Amanda for your next school assembly or conference.


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          Amanda Springob is a Wisconsin-based motivational speaker. During her high school years, Amanda lived a double life; although she was a successful and popular student, it wasn’t until she conquered her internal conflicts with depression and anxiety that she found the secret to living in this awkward, confusing, beautiful world. Now, she offers powerful insight to teens and teachers, showing youth how to lead empowering lives, and giving educators a glimpse into the mind of a millennial. Her approachable and youthful personality allows teens to directly relate to her story. Amanda speaks to the generation she grew up in; she knows their thoughts, worries, needs, and dreams in ways that most adult struggle to understand.

        Since 2014, Amanda has spoken to thousands of junior high, high school, and college students at various educational conferences, school assemblies, and TEDx UW-Milwaukee. By sharing her personal experiences with depression, toxic romantic relationships, and insecurities, Amanda teaches teens that anything is possible through honesty, self-acceptance, and kindness. Amanda is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she studies Communication.

To learn more about Amanda's story, watch her TEDx Talk Below:


"As a school counselor, I am so grateful that Amanda Springob was able to speak to my 8th grade students. I believe we were all inspired by this amazing college student spreading such important messages about kindness, motivation and leadership in our school and beyond. I would highly recommend Amanda as a motivational speaker for other elementary, middle and high


- Sara Barrows, Starbuck Middle School Guidance Counselor




Audience: Teens ages 13-19

Length: 45-60 minutes

Some things are hard to say. In a world where teenagers are constantly pressured to be perfect, it becomes easy for adolescents to hide mental health issues and destructive behaviors behind squeaky-clean Facebook profiles, stylish clothes, and stunning resumes. Even though teens may appear to be lighter than air, on the inside, they may be breaking. Amanda Springob is no stranger to this reality; in high school, Amanda concealed a toxic romantic relationship from her family and peers for years. Although insecurities and anxiety rattled her every day, she covered up her pain by maintaining her reputation as Miss Perfect—an intelligent, talented, bubbly high school student. In this talk, Amanda shares her story of bad love, depression, recovery, and resilience by showing teens the importance of using their voices not only in the public eye, but behind closed doors as well. Amanda teaches students that through the principles of imperfection, vulnerability, and honesty, we can empower others by simply being the weird, awkward, strong people we are.

Learning Targets: Achieving self-acceptance, the value of vulnerability, and creating an action plan to a healthier, more honest life.


Audience: Teens ages 13-19

Length: 45-60 minutes

Bullying is a gigantic issue in American schools, and can lead to disastrous consequences for those affected by such cruelty. Even though millions of dollars are spent every year in anti-bullying programs, still, this trend still affects teens of all ages. Perhaps this is because bullying is old news to teenagers—after a while, statistics and facts about how bullying affects youth fall on deaf ears. This means that a new perspective must be shown to teenagers—instead of speaking about the victims of bullying, perhaps it is more useful to speak about the perpetrators. In her junior high and early high school years, Amanda Springob was bullied by her classmates. Instead of telling an adult, Amanda took matters into her own hands and began fighting back through cyberbullying her classmates. After a tumultuous year of anger, shame, and rebuilding her reputation, Amanda soon learned how quickly words can ruin a life. In this talk, Amanda shares her story of bullying and encourages teens to take responsibility for their actions through valuing being kind over being right and learning to be selfless instead of selfish.

Learning Targets: Conquering insecurities, learning the value of kindness, empowering others through selflessness.

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